DJ Axis

When the music really matters…

DJ Axis has always been passionate about music and dancing. His musicality started at a young
age, which led to his beginnings, playing the euphonium in high school band. Years later while serving the US Navy, he pursued the position as the radio disc jockey for a small dance show on the USS Worden during his tour of duty during the Persian Gulf War. He accredits his expanded knowledge of various genres of music as a part of the key to his success.

The ability to transcend all living things through music is what drives DJ Axis. He believes music and sound not only communicate life, but project every emotions we experience during our lives, past or present. The power of music can brings us together in celebration, and heals wounds when we have gone through emotional hurt. When paid close attention and focus to the beats, lyrics, and notes, it can be heard the symphony and music beyond any languages, inspiring the world to celebrate life and dance.

As a professional DJ since 2001, DJ Axis has performed for large corporate events, major luxury fashion retailers, nightclubs, and private parties for celebrities. He is also a party favorite among weddings throughout Las Vegas. His music versatility has attracted different occasions of celebrations, and has quickly kept him and his calendar busy.

He is a firm believer in giving back to the community. He visualizes a brighter future filled with music, and has supported AFAN by performing at its numerous events for several years.

DJ Axis encourages everyone to show up and step up to the fight against AIDS. Learn more about AFAN, and how you can donate and volunteer your time and money.